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About Us

Hello all! My name is Tailar Hughley also known as TT, owner and creator of TT's Treats. Cooking and baking have been a passion from a young age. I was introduced to cooking and baking by my grandma in this very same kitchen. Over the years my knowledge and curiosity grew stronger through experimenting with different flavors.I am currently about to graduate with my bachelors in December from Grand Canyon University, and since transitioning back home, I have decided do something with my passion in a way that others can experience. All of my treats are made from scratch and can be customized to your liking. At the moment I am able to do sugar free options, however, I do not have any gluten free or vegan options, but please stay tuned. Making TT's Treats has been such an experience and so much hard work and fun. I want to thank you all for your support, it does not go unnoticed.I hope you all enjoy!

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